A data warehouse (or enterprise data warehouse) stores large amounts of data that has been collected and integrated from multiple sources. Because organizations depend on this data for analytics or reporting purposes, the data needs to be consistently formatted and easily accessible – two qualities that define data warehousing and makes it essential to today’s businesses.

Data Warehouse Enables Organizations

  • Single Version of the Truth
  • Current and Accurate Information
  • Easier and more efficient query writing
  • Reduced resource contention for operational systems
  • Ability to easily query across data from multiple source systems
  • Ability to easily query point-in-time snapshots of historical data
  • Rigid data quality processes that ensure consistent, trustworthy data

Analyze Your Business

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue

About Our Company

IMPEKTRA is a technology company that enables your digital transformation that is established in Technopark  Ankara and it has branch in Paris / France

Today’s content-driven businesses face a plethora of datamanagement challenges. Wehelpyou take control of your information to drive innovation, customersatisfaction, agility and compliance.

IMPEKTRA is strategic partner of JEMS Datafactory, one of the high end solution providers in Big Data projects accross Europe. More than 10 Big Data projects have been turned LIVE  to production for our clients.