Every organization generates data as part of its operations. Every organization also has access to some form of external data. But in order to analyze and take informed decisions, the data has to be processed and turned into information, and the information has to be presented in a meaningful way to be able to identify patterns or to see key performance indicators (KPIs), and thereby generate insights out of the information.

In today’s age of technology, information is power! The ability to gain timely and accurate insights into various aspects of your business, like sales volume, revenue & margin forecast, perfect order rates etc. is of paramount importance for any organization, because it gives business executives the ability to take the right decisions at the right time.

Business Intelligence Enables Organizations

  • Boost Productivity
  • To gain sales & market intelligence
  • Results closer to established goals
  • Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Gain insights into consumer behaviour
  • To improve visibility
  • To turn data into actionable information

Analyze Your Business

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue

Impektra Enables Organizations

Dashboards provide sleek, real-time visibility to your team. Combining business intelligence data with dashboards gives your team the at-a-glance view of their performance that they need to run smoothly. BI dashboards must be designed carefully though. If the data being fed into the visualizations is not reliable, no matter how easy the dashboard itself is to read and analyze, the dashboard will be useless.

  • Allow users, managers and companies to measure and manage targets and goals.
  • Use SimpleKPI to track project performance and report to project shareholders.
  • Keep the right people within an organization kept up-to-date with business KPI performance.
  • Intuitive snapshot of performance against goals.
  • Collate all KPI data conveniently in one place – no need for over complex, unreliable spread sheets.
  • Supports multi-site / locations / departments for a view of the whole organization.
  • Transparency of performance at all levels.
  • Online access anytime.
  • Track the impact of initiatives.
  • Easily measure individual, department and office contributions – accurately, clearly and objectively.
  • Translate vision and strategy.
  • Highlight organizational weakness and set KPIs to improve performance.
  • A single concise management tool for operational performance.
    Gain a competitive advantage.

Ad-hoc reporting’s goal is to empower end-users to ask their own questions of company data, without burdening IT with the task of creating a myriad of reports to serve different functions and purposes. Ad-hoc reporting therefore makes the most sense when a large number of end-users need to see, understand, and act on data more or less independently, while still being on the same page as far as which set of numbers they look at.

Impektra get around this by making it easier for non-IT staff to access complex data sets and draw out the information they need, without the technical know-how this required in the past.

  • A speedy way to analyze data with a short shelf life
  • Great for answering one-off questions quickly
  • Best for tactical analysis
  • Ideal for small teams

Impektra provides Mobile BI solutions to access to BI information on smartphones and tablets.

Operational Business Intelligence (OBI) is an approach to data analysis that enables decisions and actions in business operations to be based on real-time data as it’s generated or collected by companies. Typically, the data analysis process is automated, and the resulting information is integrated into operational systems for immediate use by business managers and workers

About Our Company

IMPEKTRA is a technology company that enables your digital transformation that is established in Technopark  Ankara and it has branch in Paris / France

Today’s content-driven businesses face a plethora of datamanagement challenges. Wehelpyou take control of your information to drive innovation, customersatisfaction, agility and compliance.

IMPEKTRA is strategic partner of JEMS Datafactory, one of the high end solution providers in Big Data projects accross Europe. More than 10 Big Data projects have been turned LIVE  to production for our clients.